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“Just wanted to let the both of you know that the snow blower came today.  It took some time to unpack but after that it was a breeze to setup.  I cannot wait for snow!!!
"Thank you, Jeff"

Introducing The Snow Hogg II – ATV snow blower attachment
New improvements for the SnowHogg II include:
50” wide housing unit increased from 42”; an actuator to raise and lower the unit, making a winch unnecessary. It’s own onboard battery, making the SnowHogg II fully independent of the ATV. They no longer have just skis, but Skiels, a ski/wheel combination, as well as a handle bar mounted control pad for the actuator, chute and augers. We also changed from Honda to Kohler EFI engines. The secondary fan has 4 blades instead of 3 and the shear bolts are now the same for both the augers and fan. Maintenance and service has been made much easier.

A snow blower that is designed with the operator in mind.
Three models to choose from 19hp 50” wide or 26hp 64” or 72” wide
This snow blower that can be easily mounted on any ATV or UTV without modifications.
Can be taken on and off your machine in less than two minuets.
Has it’s own lift system and cutting edge trip system  built in (no need to add a winch).
Handle bar mounted controller for easy access.
Shear pin protection on augers and fan are designed for easy replacement.
The chute is engineered for virtually plug free operation even in wet heavy snow.

To provide a quality product, you must start with quality service and parts. That is why we back our products with a one year warranty. From our exclusive housing and carriage assembly , to the 19 and 26.6 Kohler EFI Command Pro engines (with a two year warranty), you can be certain that the SnowHogg II is built to provide you with years of dependability. We assemble and run each unit, to guarantee that every new SnowHogg II  will be shipped ready to run.

Features for the Snow Hogg II series:
Carriage system designed to carry the full weight of the blower even when raised.
The carriage rides on a pair of Skiels (Ski/Wheel ) combination for easy movement on
hard surfaces or snow pack.
Integrated lift system with a “trip lift” system for added protection to your ATV and blower.
You do not need a winch on the ATV.
Shear pin protection on augers and fan.
Sheer pins are standard  grade 8 x1/4” bolt.
Reversible cutting edge wear bar for twice the life.
1 1/4” auger shaft  with an industrial gear box.
17” serrated augers, 16” four blade high speed fan.
Handle bar mounted control box for easy access.
Dual belt main drive, with O-Ring chain secondary drive.
Quick pin adjustable housing skids for quick easy adjustment to different driveway and snow conditions.
Greaseable main drive bearings, double sealed shaft bearings.
Grease zerks on augers, fan and  chute for easy maintenance